10 Ways Grocery Shopping Made Me Realize I was Turning 30 at 25



Have you ever had one of those weird moments where you realize you’re not in the twenty-something-young-and-wreckless adult bracket anymore? Here’s how I realized through grocery shopping that although my body is 25 years old, I think I’m secretly a 30-year-old.

(1) I actually grocery shop, twice a month.

(2) WITH a list.

(3) THAT I compiled from recipes I’ve decided to cook myself.

(4) ON a monthly menu I’ve created and taped onto my refrigerator.

Okay, I just knocked four major signs out all in a row. Let’s review: I used to be on the every-day-fast-food diet when I was in my early twenties. And yes, I gained an absolute ton of weight and felt lethargic all of the time but convenience was everything because I worked all of the time. Now, I create a monthly menu and use Pinterest to find recipes for time/money saving meals in the slow cooker or recipes that use similar ingredients to prevent food waste. Oh, yeah, and speaking of food waste…

(5) I care about different forms of waste and how to prevent them.

I don’t just care about preventing food waste. I’m almost a little too concerned about it. Now, I own a compost bin and line it with compostable cardboard bin liners. I used to care about recycling but I really, really care about it now. I keep jars and reuse loose leaf tea tins as storage. I care about generalized forms of waste, including feminine hygiene waste. I switched to a Diva Cup about 3 years ago and haven’t looked back. I want to cloth diaper my future little ones and make sustainable living choices. Its all about the ecosystem, y’all. Blame it on my frontal lobe development and realizing that I’m not the only human that has to live with my choices on the planet.

(6) I care way too much about the details of my food.

I made the switch from caring about fat/calories/carbs to caring about whether my foods were “whole”, included vitamin content, excluded sugar and offered low sodium. When I was younger, the idea of low-fat, low-calorie, skinny-at-any-cost was really driven into my head. The beauty industry is really intense when you’re a teenager and young adult. But once I stepped back from all of that chatter, I started studying what the biological function of all of the different vitamins and nutrients were inside of my body. Sometimes, I even pick up foods that don’t taste great, but I know are good for me (looking at you, kale). Now, I stay away from foods with commercials, choose foods with vitamins and minerals included, and watch for low sugar and lower sodium options when I’m out of the fresh foods section. I remind you, I used to be the queen of the Baconator and two-dollar meal deal. Now, its hello, avocado!

(7) That moment when one of my old favorite songs comes on in the grocery store..

Third Eye Blind, Gin Blossoms, Collective Soul… most songs that played in the background of my teenage and college days when I contemplated life are now over the loudspeaker as I try to figure out whether I want mozzarella or “spicy taco mix” shredded cheese.

(8)…and I think “music was just so much better back then.”

Oh. My. God. I actually thought “back then”. I sound old.

(9) When I roll past the deli meats and cheeses section, I fantasize about future poker parties or get-togethers and the food I would pair together.

I haven’t thrown any yet. But I will. And maybe I’ll take this cranberry-wrapped brie to sample now. For research purposes, you know. What’s more, I think “hey this food tastes really good with this wine” is a good excuse for a party now. I feel like a graduate of some kind.

(10) I get a small rush when I bring out my PC points card at the cash register, know my points balance and redeem it for cash off my purchase.

Saving money is where its at for me right now. I use the PC Plus rewards app. I clip coupons. I use helpful money-back apps like Checkout 51 and Snap Saves on my phone while I shop. Admittedly, using all of these slows me down while in-store because juggling like 20 different very-specific offers on specific items requires attention to detail, but they save me a lot of money in the long run. This is domestic accomplishment at its best, people. And its where I get my jollies these days. And, maybe I’m the only one, but who cares. I know the coupon lady in the other checkout lane is secretly high-fiving me.


Do you have any moments of pure-genius realization that you’re an adult? Share them in the comments below!


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