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Flutter Shy: 50 Acts of Kindness… Towards Myself?

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve likely been following along to my current post series based upon a free, My Little Pony-themed personal development course, “Coaching is Magic”, featured on Udemy. In module 3, the class covers Flutter Shy. Flutter Shy embodies vulnerability, kindness and sensitivity. When I first watched this module, I struggled with what to write about. My inner… Read more →

I Chopped It All – for Charity!

I finally did it. I’ve been wanting shorter hair since I can’t even remember. Somewhere between routine and fear, I’d kept my hair very long and it just wasn’t working out anymore. Also, I’ve had the same haircut since I was 14-years-old. The sheer weight, thickness and ongoing static became a little too much. So, I chopped it off! I’ve been… Read more →

June Nest Update

Update from the Nest:  June 22, 2015   Things have been happening like rapid-fire here in the Nest. Last month, we made the trek to the Montreal consulate interview where James was approved for his admittance into the US. Once approved at the interview, James was given a deadline by which he would be expected to cross into the US in order to receive… Read more →

Apple Jack Exercise: My Schedule Scrub!

Apple Jack is probably the pony that I most-embody outwardly in my every day. Many of the materials that were linked in this section were useful and spoke to my constant life-editing and my natural, efficiency-driven mode of operation. I really appreciated the Byron Katie resource links in order to increase empathy of others and honesty towards conflict resolution. Continuous maintenance or tidying… Read more →

Rainbow Dash Reflections: What Does It Mean to Be Unapologetically “You”?

  Welcome to the first installment in my blog series on “Coaching is Magic” by Katie Cleary, an online personal development course featured on Udemy. This blog post corresponds with module one’s pony, Rainbow Dash. Here, I’ll be posting some of my own thoughts and reflections as I go through the module. To get the full scoop, I invite you to… Read more →