The Kind Act of Pulling Teeth


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I’ve needed to get my wisdom teeth pulled for as long as I can remember. I first discovered that they were impacted in my late teens. Due to finances and work obligations, I delayed taking them out for years.

One of the more recent exercises that I created to challenge myself from Udemy’s Coaching is Magic modules included 50 Acts of Kindness Towards Myself. I am, admittedly, terrible with self-care. But, this needs to change. And like any permanent change, it feels alien at first, but quickly becomes part of the daily routine.

One of my biggest acts of self-directed kindness is in the form of having my four wisdom teeth removed. I’ve had this on my to-do-before-baby list since the beginning as there seems to be a link between mother’s dental health indicating some health outcomes for baby. So, prior to pregnancy, these little teeth have to come out. And tomorrow is the big day!

It turns out that I have two impacted teeth on the bottom and two that have erupted on the top. The bottom two have recently been at the root (haha…) of some nasty nighttime headaches. And generally, all four cause tension in my jaw. There’s some visible crowding to back up a case for all four to come out. I was initially going to wait to pull my top two, in order to preserve them for stem cells, however I have a feeling that once I have this procedure, I’m not going to want to have it again. If you’re curious about storing teeth or why to, check out this article. I will be storing cord blood to cultivate stem cells as a part of my birth plan anyway so its not like this is the only opportunity to snag stem cells (although there are some unique advantages that wisdom teeth provide).

As for the procedure, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to just have local anesthetic and some gas to ease my anxiety or if I wanted to do IV Sedation. I knew that I definitely didn’t want to do General Anesthesia. After I had a chat with the oral surgeon, he let me know the complexity of my teeth and I decided to do IV Sedation. Check out the different levels of pain relief offered here. Admittedly, I have far more anxiety around the anesthesia than I do the procedure itself.  I’ll have a prescription for antibiotics, pain relief (with a backup for a stronger pain relief if needed) as well as water-soluble stitches so I will not need a follow-up if everything heals normally.

So, really, I just need to fast for a minimum of 6 hours prior to my scheduled procedure and show up. I have amassed a small pile of soft foods for the days following. Its almost like the universe conspired in my favor this week. There were cash back offers on Checkout 51 for oatmeal and soft breakfast cookies this week. Plus, for the first time ever I found Red Bean ice-cream in the ice-cream section at Sobeys! Usually its sold out. I have soup, but I have been told that hot foods are a no-no. I’m going to be so hungry afterwards. My procedure is right at lunchtime!

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The kitties are going to have a ball. They will get mom in bed for longer than usual. I’ve been saving a Taiwanese drama on Netflix, The Fierce Wife, to indulge in on the day of my procedure, if I’m not totally asleep for the afternoon. I previewed the first two episodes and really like to see the cultural aspects included in the scenes, ie: a Chinese New Year celebration, a scene where the mother in law is in her garden washing radishes.

We have a few things rolling along for the Nest this week. We’ve got some car repairs coming up, after my teeth heal, in prep for the big trip. And we’ve also got an application in for a potential apartment in the US. The packing master list continues to grow and bags for Goodwill keep finding their way into my trunk. All of this to say that I’m beyond happy to be able to have these teeth out in time to heal before we venture forward on our move.


Have you had your wisdom teeth pulled? How was the recovery period? Share your experience in the comment below!

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