Big Announcement, First Appointments & Ultrasound!

Today is a great day. Today is a particularly great day because we’re announcing our very first pregnancy here on Nesting Nelsons. Many of you are regular readers and many of you are new readers, but both camps will notice that the content on the site will be changing to keep up with medical updates, symptoms, funny stories, “quirks and quarks” and… Read more →

The Final Countdown!

  Update from the Nest: August 25, 2015   We’re almost there, with less than four days before we embark on our cross-country road trip from Waterloo, Ontario to our new home in Seattle, Washington via the Trans-Canadian Hwy. I’m hoping to document our ride to highlight the beautiful sights that Canada has to offer and to help others doing these long,… Read more →

June Nest Update

Update from the Nest:  June 22, 2015   Things have been happening like rapid-fire here in the Nest. Last month, we made the trek to the Montreal consulate interview where James was approved for his admittance into the US. Once approved at the interview, James was given a deadline by which he would be expected to cross into the US in order to receive… Read more →