Cloth Diapers ‘Fitted’ for Savings: Rearz Haul

So, I’m feeling like a great future-mom because I think I got a great deal on fitted diapers today.

The Backstory

Groupon offered up a 20% savings on one local deal this month. And, wouldn’t I just happen to find a local Canadian cloth diaper retailer offered $80.00 in store credit for $40.00. So, after applying my Spring discount from Groupon, my total would come to $32.00 for a whopping $80.00 store credit. Um, yes please! But, as a conscious shopper, I wanted to check it out before I committed, because what if I didn’t like anything at the store? Then it would have been $32.00 towards something “meh”. And I don’t like to head into a purchase thinking “meh” or “this is okay, I guess”. I want to love what I buy.

So, I checked out the Rearz retail online. Rearz is a cloth diapering warehouse, based out of Waterloo, and caters to both baby and adult diapering needs. I found the online baby selection to be fairly limited as far as cute prints and variety of cloth diapers, but I did find a good selection of fitteds and pre-folds for different weight ranges, in different fabrics, and (in the case of fitteds) in different colors. I also found some online reviews of the Rearz brand Smitten fitted diaper by All Natural Katie, Padded Tush Stats, and Frugal Mom Eh. Not to mention that I saw the unicorn french velour diaper on the online store site and knew it had to be mine. And, finally, I want to continue to support Canadian companies while I still can before my husband and I move.

So, I bought the Groupon and off I went! The store itself is small and has different rooms to separate baby and adult needs. When I walked into the baby room, I immediately noticed the French velour diapers on the wall that I’d found online. I also noticed two sales that really caught my eye: (1) two bins of size 1 and size 2 DSQ Birdseye unbleached cotton “seconds” 4/$10 (or $4.99 each) and (2) a shelf of colored Smittens (fitteds) in size small 3/$20. The store sells both Rearz brand products and also products form other brands. Since my Groupon was specifically for Rearz brand products, I made sure to seek those out first. I also noticed various baby diaper covers around the room, similar to patterns I’ve seen in online stores such as Ali Express where the diaper cover itself was around the same price point, with cheaper fabric on the interior (not the quality fabric that Rearz brand makes their own fitted/pre-fold diapers from). So, I stuck with the super-soft fabrics as my focus for the trip in spite of other categories of baby accessories represented in-store.




The Haul

  • 3-  Rearz brand DSQ snap-closure 100% French velour organic cotton fitted diapers in the Phoenix, Frog and Unicorn patterns. These sold for $24.99/each in size 1 (7-25lbs or 0-9 months).
  • 3- Rearz brand Smitten snap-closure 100% velour cotton fitted diapers in (organically-dyed) yellow, green and orange. These were on sale 3/$20 in size Small (6-15lbs). Here’s a link to Rearz’s 5-pack of the Smittens with snaps.
  • 4- Birdseye DSQ snap-closure unbleached 100% cotton fitted diapers. These were on sale 4/$10 in size 2 (18-30lbs). These are very basic fitteds that are without tags and have “minor defects”, however, I didn’t find anything particularly wrong with the ones that I picked out.
  • 1 pair of beyond cute baby leggings/pants (not featured in photo) for $5.99/pair
  • 100 Baby Dream disposable liners ($4.99 listed value; free with purchase)
  • Canvas Rearz bag (free with purchase)

Total: $110.96 – $80.00 (+ HST at the rate of 0.13/dollar) = $34.98 (+$32.00 original payment of Groupon) = $66.98

*All monetary amounts in this blog post are in Canadian dollars.


Since I don’t have a little one yet, I can’t do a full-on review of the diaper on matters of fit and absorbency (that will be for another day!), but I can tell you more about the diapers, what I notice and the at-a-glance features they offer.

A Closer Look

Close look at the Posh DSQ Organic French Velour Fitteds:

Size 1: 7-25lbs, 0-9 months

rearzvelourTo the touch, this diaper’s material feels very thick and absorbent (but not bulky). When I spoke to the lady in the store, she commented that these diapers would be great for overnight due to the absorbency. These diapers feature an umbilical cord snap down in the front and two rows of snaps along the front to adjust the size. There are also crossover snaps for a smaller waist fit. On the inside of the diaper, I can see the faint outline of a pad sewn into the seat for more absorbency. The elastic feels sturdy on these and had extra fabric around the leg (which, I would guess would help with leaks? Not a cloth diapering mom yet – help me out here!). There is also nice elastic featured in the back, which could prevent blowouts. The characters are featured on the bum of the diaper and are very detailed and sturdy. The patterned figure is completely sewn into the diaper. For those with tag concerns, the tag is sewn onto the outside of the diaper and is very soft without any plastic/hard edges.



  • Soft, absorbent fabric; Organic French Velour Cotton
  • Umbilical cord snap down
  • Cute pattern sewn-in
  • DSQ
  • Trim seat
  • Cross-over snaps
  • Elastic in back
  • Ruffled leg openings



Close look at the Smitten Snap-closure Fitteds:

Size Small: 6-15lbs, Diaper size 1/2


To the touch, these diapers are super-soft and similar in fabric feel to those of the French Velour fitteds (above). I actually think that this fabric feels softer than the French velour ones. The fabric is thick and feels absorbent. The elastic feels sturdy on these and it also features extra elastic around the legs. Elastic is featured on the back and this diaper also features a hole in the back to stuff additional inserts for absorbency, although, it is very narrow. Included, as well, is a sewn-in tongue. In the front, this diaper features a single panel of snaps and cross-over snaps for  smaller waist. I also notice that this diaper is very trim in the front, which can be an aesthetic positive. For those with  tag concerns, this tg is also featured on the outside of the diaper and is very soft without any plastic/hard edges.



  • Sewn-in tongue and pocket (in back) for adjustable absorbency
  • Super-soft absorbent cotton velour; Uses organic dyes
  • Comes in 5 different colors (blue, green, yellow, red, brown)
  • Cross-over snaps
  • Trim seat
  • Elastic in back
  • Ruffled leg openings



Close look at the “Seconds” Unbleached Birdseye Cotton Fitteds:

Size 2: 18-30 lbs

rearzclothThese are technically “seconds” so they may have a few differences to them, but I found that they looked pretty normal to me. A very interesting “wrap” style of side snaps here. The front panel features one row of snaps. The right wing features many snaps to attach to the front body of the diaper and to be crossed over and snapped by the left wing, thus creating a “wrap” look. The seat appears to be very trim and the legs feature ruffled elastic. The diaper does not feature a pocket, but does feature a sewn-in tongue. This diaper does not have any elastic in the back. The fabric is very cotton-soft to the touch, appropriate for lighter absorbency. It also does not feature a tag.



  • Entirely made of 100% Birdseye unbleached cotton
  • Sewn-in tongue
  • DSQ
  • Trim seat
  • Ruffled leg openings
  • Crossover snaps and “wrap” style front snaps


Well, now that all of that is done, I will be stowing these away in the baby box for another day, when future Baby Nelson and I can provide a review. If the sale is still on, I might slide back over to Rearz and pick up more 4/$20 Birdseye “seconds”. Although there were prefolds sold in abundance there, I’ve been eyeing Green Mountain Diapers for Cloth-eez prefolds, Cloth-eez Workhorse fitteds and Kissa’s cotton/hemp fitteds.

I’ve got a good start to the cloth diaper collection so far. Once I get everything in once place – that is, in from the mail and in my hands – I’ll do a quick stash review with photos!


Have specific questions about my individual diapers from Rearz? Have cloth diapering recommendations of your own?

Feel free to give me a shout in the comments!

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