June Nest Update


Update from the Nest:  June 22, 2015


Things have been happening like rapid-fire here in the Nest. Last month, we made the trek to the Montreal consulate interview where James was approved for his admittance into the US. Once approved at the interview, James was given a deadline by which he would be expected to cross into the US in order to receive his green card. We’re happy to announce that we’re going to be moving in late August, so we have one last summer in Ontario! We’re fortunate enough to have the option of living anywhere within the States that we would like, and have always wanted to live on the West coast, so we decided to make the trek to the Seattle, WA area.

How difficult could a cross-continent move be, you ask? Well, its already presented us with a few challenges, but nothing that we can’t overcome. Most apartments that we’re looking at only know 20 days in advance when there will be an opening on a lease (as the renter might renew his/her lease). So, for a September 1 move, we’ll be able to know our options at the beginning of August. My plan is to call around in early/mid-July to get possibilities for openings available on August 1 or mid-August. It certainly can’t help to know early options in case it winds up being the exact setup we want. Once we have our new address, we will have to update the government, asap.

We also have to coordinate our declaration of things across the border. We decided to opt for a U-Box from U-Haul, which we used when we moved from Saskatchewan to Ontario two years ago. Basically, we ordered a big wooden box, movers packed it full of our boxes and furniture, then shipped it to our new address and unloaded it there once delivered. To be honest, for long distance moves, this is service provides such relief. The only downside is that we’ll be without our things 2 weeks prior to move-in to allot for shipping time. But, the thought of navigating a giant U-Haul truck over the course of several days, around winding roads through British Columbia, is enough to justify a few nights’ sleep on an air mattress. Our move will have the added complexity of declaring all of our items at the border, which is more work on the front-end, but really helps to promote the clearing out of clutter. I prefer living minimally, so I find a lot of personal satisfaction in the big “stuff” purges.
The two kitties will also be traveling cross-continent with us, so I’ll be updating their shots, getting health certificates for travel and grooming them before the big day all during the month of August. I’ve read around that most health certificates are valid up to 30 days from the date performed. Although they are not required for crossing into the US, or specifically into Washington State, I like to be prepared with any possible documentation that could be useful. They will be making the trek to Washington with us via a giant pet tube kennel I found on Amazon, which should be interesting in itself.

I’m currently in the stage of counting every single item we own and taping the lists onto the outsides of the boxes as I pack them. Many of the clothes that I owned when James and I first met are now 2 sizes too big for me. Some of my favorites are going into a designated “pregnancy” box for when I do reach the 6-9 months period. Otherwise, they’re off to Goodwill. James is also doing a clothing clean-out. If I’m lucky, I will be able to get him to donate wires from the massive collection he’s kept over the years. Need a cord, charger or adapter? We probably have it.

Coming up, there will be much more regular, personalized blogging from me about life, love and what all is happening with James, the kitties and me. Plus, we have an exciting new direction we’re taking here at Nesting Nelsons. Stay tuned to find out!

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