MIND-full Monday: Tandoori with Brown Rice

Into the kitchen with a quick, tasty meal-for-two on this installment of MIND-full Monday.

I’m feeling like a little bit of an Indian twist today. Indian foods are, in my opinion, some of the tastiest and healthiest recipes around. I’d never gotten a true taste of Indian food until well into my 20s, but once I did, it opened me up to a whole new world of spices. In today’s meal, I’m cooking from a pre-made Tandoori sauce for two from Patak’s Original. Tandoori, for folks who are new to the world of Indian cuisine, is a tomato-based sauce made from a blend of tamarind, coriander and cumin. And, for those who are curious, this sauce is very mild. One of the things I love most about this sauce, other than its portioned size for two, is that this is also lower in sodium. Most pre-packaged sauces are loaded with extra sodium. Patak’s, however, offers 300mg (13% Daily Value) per person.

And, I have to add my apologies for my photography. My free trial of Adobe Photoshop ran out! So, I’m quickly learning the ways of Gimp.




The Details

Serves: 2 people


Total Cost: $18.45 (including 13% HST) for all ingredients in the cart, after Checkout 51 discount

$6.27 for a 1.2kg box of Minute Rice: Whole Grain Brown Rice (-$1.00 cashback from Checkout 51); $2.83 for 1 sauce package (-$1.00 cashback from Checkout 51); PC Blue Menu Air Chilled Chicken Breasts $6.99/lb for pack of 5 (~$9.00)

*The total cost includes the total prices for the large 1.2kg box of rice (where a small portion was used) as well as the 5 pack of PC Blue Menu chicken breasts (where only two breasts were used) and sauce packet. The actual cost for the meal is much less than the total cost of necessary ingredients bought in bulk.


Total Time: 25 minutes





  • I thawed two chicken breasts prior to cooking.
  • Once thawed, I set my stove to 410F and baked my chicken breasts for 15 minutes.
  • While the chicken baked, I began boiling the brown rice.
  • After 15 minutes, I checked to make sure the chicken had reached an internal temp of 180F
  • I pulled the chicken breasts out of the oven and placed them onto a cutting board to cool briefly.
  • I placed a medium sized pan on top of the stove and set it to medium.
  • I sliced the chicken breasts into thick strips and tossed them into the warm pan with 1 Tbsp of olive oil.
  • As per the Patak’s instructions, I allowed the chicken to “seal” and brown for 3-4 minutes.
  • I added the packet of Tandoori sauce into the pan and set it to “simmer” for 5 minutes.
  • At this time, the rice was complete.
  • I spooned the rice into the dish and served the chicken breasts with Tandoori sauce over the rice.

*The recipe does not call for the baking of chicken prior to placing the chicken in the pan for browning, but I like to make sure that my meat is cooked thoroughly so I always bake prior to adding sauce.


How It Fits MIND

The chicken breasts satisfy a requirement of 1 serving of poultry 2x per week.

The brown rice satisfies at least 1 serving (depending upon preferred amount used) of 3 servings of whole grains recommended for daily consumption.

The 1tbsp of olive oil used to grease the skillet (when we initially cooked the chicken) is included in the category of “Ten Brain-Healthy Food Groups”.


And that, my friends, is a super-easy and tasty way to make Indian food, while also eating a meal that follows some of the MIND recommendations. This kind of meal (meat + sauce + rice) is one of my favorite meal equations for “the end of the month” when supplies for fresh food is running low and the budget is tight. I stock up on all three of these things during sales because they can be kept for long periods of time with minimal waste. If you’re interested in more sauce ideas like this one, Patak’s offers several flavors in the Cooking-Sauces-for-2 line and also has a line of sauces in a jar for larger families. One of my favorites is Spicy Butter Chicken. We also see a lot of Chicken Masala sauce from Patak’s in our house as well. They’re so good and so convenient.


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