Monday Musings: Zucchini Pizza and Health Myths!

Its a Monday Musings post, today, starting off the week with tasty food and interesting reads.

parmzucchiniToday’s lunch: Ham + Sausage Zucchini “Pizza”, modified from a base recipe found on Cooking Classy (also featured on my Pinterest board under “Mains”). I made two (foreground) for my husband with Italian sausage marinara sauce from the President’s Choice brand and I made two (background) sans marinara. I chose to forgo mini pepperonis and use these toppings instead:

  • President’s Choice Brand “Smokin Stampede” sprinkle cheese
  • 8 chopped organic cherry tomatoes
  • 1 slice of Maple Leaf’s Natural Selections Hickory Ham
  • sprinkle of basil and thyme
  • sprinkle of Kraft parmesan cheese

This is definitely a family favorite now.

Today’s Fun Reading: Sarah Jacoby’s post at Refinery 29, 4 Health Myths You Need to Stop Believing. I have a great appreciation for writers online who fight the “woo” of the health world. I believe in eating healthfully and living happily, not living in a world filled with doubt and chaos. I base my health choices and efforts around science, the kind backed up with studies and years of research. In order for me to keep my own peace, fear-mongering health woo-woo is not allowed in my world. So, now you know why I cannot sing enough praises for the Science Babe, who makes fighting misinformation crime look effortless. You go, girl!

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