My Wisdom Tooth Recovery {Pt 6}: Days 7 + 8 (+ Daily Routines)

We’re finally wrapping up the series on wisdom tooth recovery here at the Nest, with today’s review on Recovery Days 7 + 8, plus a bonus look at my morning and nighttime routine during my recovery process.


Day 7

Holy Benefiber, Batman! On Day 6, I wrote about embarrassingly approaching my husband to ask for a little fiber to add to my diet due to some side effects of my pain medication. Day 7 was full of lots of changes, some for the better, and others that deserve an awkward eyebrow raise. I began the day with my typical routine, however, and as planned, I forewent my nighttime dosages of Tylenol and skipped my early morning dosage as well. When I woke up, I knew there might be some risk of waking up in discomfort or severe pain, as has happened before when I didn’t take my overnight dosages. But this didn’t present as a problem and I was pleasantly surprised. I had tightness and discomfort, but not sharp pain. I did, however, take my regularly scheduled dose of Advil with my morning Glucerna and continued my morning routine as usual.


Day 7: Tired, adjusting off of medication.

I was ferociously hungry on this day, so hungry that I actually grew nauseated for the first time, which is a really confusing feeling if you’ve ever had it before. I am unsure if the timing of letting go of my Tylenol dosage had any effect, combined with adding extra fiber, but it was as if my digestive system woke entirely back up – in hyperdrive. I also had an unexpected side effect of ovulation cramps throughout the day, likely due to my antibiotic interfering with my birth control and the timing being about right for ovulation cramps to occur if they were going to. Note: I did continue to take my current birth controI pill while also realizing it was going to be a bit of a wash due to antibiotic interference. Hormone changes, on top of everything else, was really the last thing I needed or wanted. I was also suffering from a big caffeine headache all morning. My Tylenol 3 had some caffeine inside of it, although its worth noting that I’d been without a cup of coffee for nearly a week. This morning was my first truly caffeine-free morning and I felt it. To remedy this, I made some tea.

When I brushed my teeth, I had the pleasant realization that my top two extraction sites seem to have completely healed. They are still very soft to the touch, but when I slid my tongue over them, I did not have any painful sensitivity. My two bottom extraction sites are a different story, but they do look like they’re getting there. The stitches are slowly dissolving. Still, I kept on with the saltwater rinse as part of my morning routine to try to promote cleanliness of the areas. I also felt less inflammation after I did my rinse this morning at these two sites.

So Day 7 saw a reduction down to one med and close to normative mental clarity. It was still difficult to stay on my feet for more than a brief walk from one room to the next, but my body did feel as though it was coming back around. I have a feeling that most of my fatigue and symptoms on this day were due to adjusting off of the medications.


Day 7 Review:

Pain Level: Low; Pain managed well by Advil only today.

Energy Level: Low; Very tired, but not sleepy. Not able to physically walk around often without experiencing fatigue.

Cognitive Functioning: Moderate-Low; Felt more like general fatigue from coming off of meds and low on caffeine. Able to count doseage amounts.

Discomfort Level: Moderate-High (Advil managed swelling and pain well but there remained stiffness and heaviness throughout; Discomfort in other areas ie: gut, head, cramping; Also sensitive to temperature today. Couldn’t get warm enough or stay cool enough)

Embarrassment Level: Low; Just fatigued. Oh, and that moment I announced to my husband, with a big, fat smile that my digestive system was back in full swing. I’m sure that was really cute.

Weird yellow chin bruise still present, but faded.


Day 8

Day 7, pain managed well, feeling more energetic, but not totally there just yet.

Day 8: Happy to have the ability to chew some semi-solid foods. Oh, and tentative plans to make pie.

Day 8 marked the second day of Advil-only. I also didn’t wake up with any urge to take my pain medication (indicating that it had worn off and I was in dire need of pain management). There were persistent feelings of achey muscles and stiffness in my jaw throughout the day, but I have a feeling that I might have these feelings for a while. No pain from my extraction sites beyond what the Advil managed. Also, both stitches were very-much dissolved today. I had my first coffee in a week and, by no coincidence, felt like my energy was back today. I did stop midday to take a break and lie down, but overall, I felt mentally clear and able to move freely around the house.

I took a shower and straightened my hair. I did some light housework including cleaning some dishes, picking up around the house and making poutine for lunch. I also went out for dinner and was able to eat a burrito. My body was so ready for solid food. I didn’t have any gastro upsets or feelings of nausea on this day, however, I did have my expected ovulation cramping.

I made a point to stop by Walmart on this day as well to pick up an oral syringe to help with cleaning stray food bits out of my surgical holes. Some dental offices give them out for free as a part of post-extraction hygiene (to use after a blood clot has formed), while others do not. I noticed some stubborn burrito bean hiding in there and it needed to come out. From what I’ve read around online, I’ll be friends with this oral syringe for several months to prevent food-based bacteria from getting down in my sites. I’m more than happy to do it if it helps to keep my mouth nice and clean…but I don’t recommend doing it while your partner is nearby. Add it to the list of un-sexy moments.


Day 8 Review:

Pain Level: Low; Pain managed well by Advil only today.

Energy Level: Normal, but I didn’t push myself to have a jam-packed day either. Moved freely about the house, showered, completed some chores, cooked – and left the house!

Cognitive Functioning: Normal.

Discomfort Level: Moderate-Low; To-be-expected ovulation cramping and an arthritic feeling in my jaw didn’t disrupt my day, but they were noticeable and irritating.

Embarrassment Level: Moderate; I made a slip-n-slide mess with my oral syringe… all down my shirt.

Weird yellow chin bruise is gone!



Overall, it looks like this post will conclude the “Recovery” phase of my Wisdom Tooth story. I will eventually stop my Advil and even-more eventually stop the use of my oral syringe for food particle removal.  Day 9 will likely be filled with baking a pumpkin pie and getting back to life’s usual tasks. However, I hope that the posts have been helpful in squelching any fears about the ride of wisdom tooth extraction and recovery!


But before I go….

Over the course of my recovery reporting, I’ve referred to my morning and evening routines. It occurred to me that it might seem a little strange as to what I was referring to, so I decided to list them out below. These routines worked really well for me over the course of my first week of recovery. Note: I didn’t add the salt-water rinse in until after 24-hours post-operation by recommendation from my oral surgeon (to prevent dry socket). These routines took me fairly long amount of time to execute in the mornings and in the evenings due to how slowly I moved as well as how prone to zoning out I was.



My three “favorite” meals over the course of my week of recovery.

My Morning Routine

  • Wake up
  • Drink some Glucerna shake
  • Take one meds with several sips of water; Write down time
  • Finish Glucerna shake
  • Set alarms for upcoming daytime med times
  • Brush teeth
  • Complete first salt-water rinse of the day


My Evening Routine

  • Eat Belvita soft cookie or soft burger bun
  • Take night meds
  • Drink several sips of water
  • Brush teeth
  • Set alarms for upcoming overnight med times
  • Complete final salt-water rinse of the day
  • Sleep





Did you have a recent extraction? What recovery day are you on at the moment? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

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