My Wisdom Tooth Story: {Pt 2} Pre-Surgery Prep + Food Recommendations (Free Med Log Download!)

After my initial consultation, the weekend flew by and suddenly Monday night was upon me. My surgery was scheduled for the following day, 6/30 at 12:45pm. All weekend, I’d read up online about different experiences in an attempt to figure out what to expect and what all I needed to prepare for post-surgery. I had this idea in my head that I would be completely bed-bound, sleeping the entire time with puffy cheeks for about a week (Spoiler: This was not the case at all).


How I Prepped to Manage My Multiple Medications:

In situations where I am juggling multiple medications and/or dealing with a med that makes me drowsy, I always create a makeshift medication sheet. Part of this is out of habit, dispensing medications and training others how to do so for several years, and part of it is because it relieves a good amount of stress. When the times are written down, I dedicate less bandwidth and anxiety towards trying to remember if/when I can take my next med. Plus, this is very useful for a doctor who may be monitoring progress.

Here is a very basic multi-medication printable that I made and used (available for a free PDF download):




The sheet itself has columns for two different meds and can be printed multiple times depending upon your needs for however many medications you’re taking. For my surgery, I juggled 3 different surgery-related medications and 1 other medication (a birth control). They all had different times that they could be taken and many had a “maximum per day” amount. Some were recommended with food and some did not say. If you prefer a different style of medication log, there are some other free printable logs found on this website.


What Foods I Bought for the First 24 Hours (+ What I Actually Ate):

So, now that medications are covered, you will likely want to know what you can or cannot eat. Obviously nothing carbonated or through a straw. My oral surgeon recommended lukewarm fluids and water (nothing hot). At first, I assumed that this meant all of the ice-cream and pudding in the store! However, my stomach was used to a non-liquid diet, specifically a low-sugar, high fiber and protein diet and craved things like salmon and tacos, which require chewing, for dinner meals when I first had my extraction. I brainstormed a few ideas about oatmeal and soft bean soups, but looking back, I was a little too ambitious for an immediate after-surgery meal.

My biggest recommendation for your “first meal” is a Glucerna or Ensure shake. I opted for a strawberry Glucerna shake since I knew my blood sugar levels would be wonky after nearly 16 hours of no water and no food. I do not have diabetes, but I mostly eat a low-sugar and low-carb diet anyway. Spoiler: I wound up attempting to drink about half, then drooling most of it out into the sink when I got home, but it was the perfect blend of substantial-enough without being too thick to swallow with an entirely numb mouth and tongue. Plus, it offered vitamins and calories. Another spoiler? The worst part of the whole thing so far, for me, was trying to eat that first meal, drinking a glass of water and swallowing the first pain pill prior to the numbness wearing off. I learned to appreciate my muscular control over my mouth during that time! Also, if your partner is nearby, this is a seriously unsexy time. This was also the only time I got a little weepy, simply because I couldn’t feel where the pill was on my tongue and knew I needed to swallow it. In the end, even this wasn’t that bad. I’ll go into more detail on another post.

My second big recommendation is instant mashed potatoes (which usually require milk and butter, if you don’t already have them). After I drank the other half of my Glucerna, the mashed potatoes were my “dinner” when my tongue and jaw starting waking up after surgery. I was so hungry, I nearly ate the entire contents that one bag whips up. Lukewarm, somewhat-filling, smooth and very easy to swallow. I also didn’t have to worry about little bits of it getting lodged in the extremely-sensitive places where my teeth once were. I also ate some vanilla pudding (also requires milk to make) around midnight to have on my stomach as I took my night meds and fell asleep.


Quick List of Foods I Actually Ate During My First 24 Hours:

  • Instant Mashed Potatoes (needs milk + butter to make)
  • Glucerna or Ensure shakes
  • Vanilla Pudding (needs milks to make)

Admittedly, these were also the same foods I ate on my second day of recovery as well. Although, I was able to get down some oatmeal for dinner on Day 2.


Quick List of Foods I Bought But Forewent During My First 24 Hours:

  • Soft Hamburger Buns – Could not chew.
  • Lightly-Sweetened Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal – Very thick to swallow; Chose not to eat it.
  • Marshmallows – Chose not to let them melt in my mouth.
  • Red Bean Ice-cream – Chose not to eat.
  • Coconut Greek Yogurt – Chose not to eat.
  • Eggs (for scrambled eggs) – Chose not to eat.
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup – Chose not to eat.
  • Miso Soup – I could have eaten this, but wanted something heartier.
  • Minestrone Soup- This is intended for much later as it has small vegetables in it.
  • Soft Belvita Breakfast Cookies – Could not chew.
  • Cottage Cheese – Chose not to eat, but I will; I always eat some when on an antibiotic.

I’m sure that I will be able to work up to these over the next few days, but I either didn’t attempt them or felt like I couldn’t yet swallow them during my first 24 hours post-surgery.


What Other Supplies I Used for my First 24-Hours Post-Surgery:

  • A darkly colored towel – I also changed my bed linens to a set of brown sheets and brown pillowcases, but I found that this wasn’t necessary. I sported my towel around my neck like a fashionable scarf.
  • Extra Sterile Gauze Pads – My nurse gave me some gauze at the oral surgeon’s office, but I was happy to have more. My husband bought mediums, but I recommend the smalls. When rolled up, the mediums became very bulky.
  • Twinnings Black Tea (in tea bags) – I’ve read a few different places that the tannin in black tea helps to cut down the bleeding. I didn’t really notice a difference when I went to use it other than soothing relief in the moment, but it did feel nice to have something else on my gums other than gauze.
  • Glass of water – I felt so dehydrated after the procedure, especially since I fasted for about 15 hours after all was completed. I had some difficulty swallowing while numb, but it was worth it to keep my fluids going.


What I Ate Prior To Beginning My Fast for Sedation:

Since I’d opted to receive IV sedation, I was required to fast for a minimum of 6 hours prior to my surgery; This means no food and no water. It worked out that my appointment would begin at 12:45 (lunchtime) and since I would be asleep around the time that I would need to begin my fast, so my fast wound up beginning when I fell asleep the night before around midnight. I was a little worried that out of habit I would accidentally drink some water or a sip of coffee in an absent-minded fashion on the morning of my surgery (because who actually remembers every time they drink a sip of water throughout the day?) so I didn’t bring any water with me to bed the night before.

At first, I had some mixed thoughts about being so dehydrated and without food for so long, so I made sure to stay very hydrated and to eat big meals throughout the day prior to my surgery. I purposely made heartier meals with lots of protein and ate at regular intervals. I made chicken-bacon poutine for lunch and I followed up with BBQ salmon for dinner, with a snack of some Ryvita fiber crackers and a tall glass of water at midnight just before I went to sleep.


What I Read To Put My Mind At Ease The Night Prior to My Surgery:

I found great comfort and helpful advice in a lot of the feedback and comments found on this blog, so much so that I made a point to have this as the last article that I read prior to waking up and going to my appointment. I highly recommend giving it a read and putting away those negative, click-bait sort of wisdom tooth recaps.


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Do you have any good advice for those who are preparing for an upcoming wisdom tooth extraction? Let me know in the comments below!



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