My Wisdom Tooth Story {Pt 4}: Day 2 + 3 Recovery

Welcome to another installment of my Wisdom Tooth Recovery journey. So far, I’ve reviewed my Consultation, Pre-Surgery Prep, Surgery + Day 1 of recovery. For this entry, I review Days 2 + 3 of recovery.


Day 2

Day 2 was relatively similar to Day 1 of recovery. My energy levels were normal and my mind felt sharp. I started off my day by drinking a Glucerna and eating mashed potatoes. I worked on my blog and realized that, although my thoughts were coherent, my typos were out of this world. I still wasn’t interested in watching TV though. While James worked, I sat on the couch nearby. While answering emails from friends and family, I noticed that I would lose track of what I was typing while I was typing it. I was a little fuzzy, but overall, I could concentrate normally. I changed my gauze out every 30 minutes on Day 2. The bleeding had calmed down on my top extraction sites, as well as my lower left, but my lower right was still providing quite a bit of healthy red. I was very focused on hydration on Day 2 since I was so dehydrated after the procedure on Day 1. I also graduated to eating some vanilla Jello and cream of chicken soup on this day just before bed.

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

Midway through the evening of Day 2, the pain medication began to really hit me. Since this was the first full day with pain medications delivered on time, consistently throughout the day, I started feeling very fuzzy in the evening. At this point, I asked for James to help me count the hours until I took my next medication. He set alarms on his cell phone so that we would not have to constantly watch the clock, which is a solution that I very-much recommend. I also had some trouble remembering if I’d just taken a pill or not so I did a bit of pill counting to make sure. During this day, James and I talked about what I needed him to do as far as monitoring. Caregivers, the most helpful thing that I can suggest to take the stress off of the person in recovery is to manage the medication effectively: writing down times, communicating the next doseage’s anticipated time and occasionally doing a recount of the pills to make sure that everything is accounted for.


Day 2: Sporting a fashion-forward towel scarf designed to catch excess drool.

I think that my jaw pain forced me to communicate my needs in a much more upfront way.  James and I learned a lot about each other during this time since we were forced into atypical roles. I’m rarely in a position that I can’t take care of myself or meet my own needs and James is also rarely in a position where he maintains two jobs, the household as well as meals and round-clock medication for another person.

By the end of Day 2, I was able to cease the gauze, eat some oatmeal, brush my teeth and go to bed. Day 2 was coincidentally Canada Day so there were some folks shooting off fireworks by our apartment. We weren’t able to go out and enjoy the fireworks, but we did resolve to celebrate twice as big next year. I was fairly delirious crawling into bed, but I slept very deeply.



Day 2 Review:

Pain Level: Low

Energy Level: Normal; High energy

Cognitive Functioning: Normal; Needed some assistance at night counting hours until next dosage.

Discomfort Level: Medium (The gauze maintenance was cumbersome, time consuming)

Embarrassment Level: High (So much drool)

No Visible Bruising


Day 3

When I awoke on Day 3, I immediately realized I’d made an error. I woke up in very-intense pain in my lower right jaw that also felt very inflamed. I’d slept through three overnight medication dosages of my Tylenol. I immediately took my next dose and spent most of Day 3 working to manage the pain, instead of staying ahead of it. On the positive side, I was able to begin my salt rinse on this day after I brushed my teeth in the morning. However, I made another mistake with this as well. I’d rinsed my mouth prior to taking my pain medications, which made my mouth feel very sore and tight.

On this day, I felt extremely tired and was interested in nothing but TV. As James worked from the couch, I sat on the opposite couch with my headphones on and reclined to my heart’s content. I found myself steering away from the deeper dramas and thought-provoking series I usually get wrapped up in, opting for a lighter fare. I watched a marathon of Cupcake Wars all day. While watching, I became so hungry that I attempted some new foods: cottage cheese, oatmeal and applesauce on this day. Admittedly, the mix of cottage cheese and apple sauce made me feel a little sick, perhaps due to the acidity of my stomach. I also waited a little too long on taking one of my pain medications later in the evening due to food prep that I wasn’t able to “get ahead” of the jaw pain. As a short-term solution, I dampened some black tea bags and gently bit down on the right side of my jaw. It did provide some temporary relief to the pain and swelling, but I needed to sleep it off and begin fresh after a night’s rest.

I also noticed a real difference in pain and swelling on this day when I got up to go to the bathroom compared to when I was sitting. So, I stayed sitting for as long as I could.


Day 3: Nearing the peak of the swelling; Wanting a nap.

I made some fumbles on this day of my recovery, but I did stay well hydrated and ate food with every pill to help to prevent any gastro upsets, so it was an overall day of success. At one point, I was curious as to whether I’d developed a dry socket because the pain was so intense, but I was able to figure out that my sharp pain arose around the time that my next dosage of pain medication was due – and was actually managed by the pain medication once it kicked in. I still felt stiffness during periods that I took my pain medication, but the intensity of the sharpness and throbbing did go away within 30 minutes of taking my advil or my tylenol. Specifically, sharpness went away with Tylenol and the dull, throbbing went away with advil. I didn’t nap too much, but I was very happy to lose myself in Cupcake Wars.

At the end of Day 3, I was more than ready for sleep. I made sure to set alarms for my meds during the night so that I would not wake up with the jaw pain similar to pain I’d suffered from earlier that day.


Day 3 Review:

Pain Level: High (Due to missing meds and falling behind on med times)

Energy Level: Low (Lots of sitting and TV)

Cognitive Functioning: Lowered; James timed my meds on this day.

Discomfort Level: Medium (Some stiffness in jaw due to missing med times)

Embarrassment Level: Low (Lots of sitting)

No Visible Bruising


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