Ponies for Personal Development!


What does My Little Pony have to do with personal development? Much more than I’d ever thought.

I consider myself a fairly analytical person and I spend most of my day in the realm of finding, reading and discussing academic research. But I grew used to looking at the world, especially analyzing stories, in a different way in my hometown, Asheville, NC. Asheville is know for its eccentric vibe and “keep[ing] it weird”. This very “weirdness”, coupled with warm friendliness, opens the community up for a lot of discussion of ideas, self-improvement and exploration. Essentially, the culture perpetuates an appreciation for looking at the same object or situation in a new way to create depth or wonder. Looking back, it is almost too perfect that my friend, Katie Cleary, and I met there.

Recently, Katie let me know that she released a free online class, “Coaching is Magic”, via the online course website Udemy. I’ve always known Katie as having a good eye for recognizing and manifesting talent in others, as well as allowing them to develop and apply their talents in ways that lead to true satisfaction. She has a real knack for asking the right questions for reflection and expressing broad concepts in concise terms. So, I thought I’d check out her class.

I was totally surprised by the My Little Pony theme! And even more surprised to find out that there are deep personal development lessons actually worth considering in a children’s TV show! Who knew? Nevertheless, I was very intrigued to see what all she discovered about the show…  and super-impressed that she dressed up in a full-fledged MLP unicorn costume to present it!

The Layout

In Katie’s online course, each session is themed towards a specific pony and is organized in three keynotes centered around characteristics the pony teaches us. Outside resources, research and her own coaching exercises help to clarify the relevance of each pony and how its example can aid in reflection and personal development.

As many of you who read my blog regularly know, I am in the midst of a giant, cross-country move. And I have also watched My Little Pony very little, if ever, at all. When I saw Katie’s class had posted to Udemy though, I thought, Why not just try it now? She estimates about 2 months for the entire span of the course and that is exactly the time frame that I have before we pack up and adventure to a new place. There really is no time like the present for personal development and the coursework seems flexible and thought-provoking enough to be a lecture I could watch on a Saturday, chew on throughout the week and decide action items for by the following Friday.

So, here I go!

Join me as I blog weekly on my reflections and realizations through Katie’s course, “Coaching is Magic”. You’ll be hearing about her supplemental materials, research and course material as it pertains to my own life and where I’d like to apply it. If you would like to join in, the class is available to begin at any time via Udemy and it is completely free. I will be discussing some concepts, but don’t expect for me to give away all of Katie’s good content here. You’ll have to check it out for yourself to see if there are any nuggets of wisdom you can use from Katie and her ponies!


Stay tuned for a link to my first week’s module review: Rainbow Dash.

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