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MIND-full Monday: Spicy General Tao Chicken Stir Fry on Brown Rice

Its another MIND-full Monday here at Nesting with the Nelsons. I’m switching onto spicier fair for today’s convenience meal, using General Tao Stir Fry sauce from Blue Dragon. My husband and I originally picked these up as cash back offers from Checkout 51. If you’re a regular reader, you already know that most new things that I try out are… Read more →

Clipping Coupons in Canada: Real Canadian Superstore (plus, my savings at RCSS this week!)

It is another sweet day of savings in the Nelson household featuring today’s main stop, Real Canadian Superstore. The deals are so good this week, I couldn’t help but share what all I snagged today in hopes that you can save on some of the same exact deals going on this week. Every Wednesday, new deals are updated on my favorite savings… Read more →

Target Canada + Checkout 51: One Final Savings Hoo-rah!

When Target announced that they were leaving Canada, my little American heart broke. I loved Target when I lived in the US and I have remained a loyal customer while in Canada. I am also a coupon-clipper. I use points programs and I use cash-back apps. I love sales and I especially love rock-bottom sales. So, it didn’t completely devastate me when Target announced its departure… Read more →