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Science Sunday: What is a Scientist? (Scientific Mindset Pt I)

What does it mean to be a scientist? Further, what does it mean to have a “scientific” mindset, without being an actual scientist? In our pop culture view, we recognize the meme of “scientist” to hold a PhD in an area such as chemistry, biology, neurology, physics, astronomy or another natural science. He or she is often wearing a lab coat… Read more →

A Stoic Mindset for a “Clean” Mental Workspace

I recently wrote a short introduction to one of my favorite philosophies, Stoicism, in Choosing A Stoic Approach to Delivery. There, I talked about the initial purpose of Stoicism and why I am choosing to approach the event of delivery with its influence. In this post, I’d like to talk more about what my mental process and practice of Stoicism looks like.   The… Read more →

Choosing A Stoic Approach to Delivery

In an attempt to demystify the labor and delivery process, a friend of mine messaged me a link to a show called Newborn Russia (free full episodes on Youtube here), which features 20-minute episodes documenting two women going through the labor and delivery process. It is a fast, nitty gritty and realistic way to get accustomed to what that final push looks like and offers… Read more →