The Final Countdown!

Kitties are ready to move

The kitties are ready to roll!


Update from the Nest: August 25, 2015


We’re almost there, with less than four days before we embark on our cross-country road trip from Waterloo, Ontario to our new home in Seattle, Washington via the Trans-Canadian Hwy. I’m hoping to document our ride to highlight the beautiful sights that Canada has to offer and to help others doing these long, long road trips (with furry companions in tow). So, there’s a series to anticipate! I’ll likely cover some details about border crossing and our experience with shipping items using UHaul’s UBox service as well. What’s more is that James and I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary while on the road!

For now, we’re mostly tying up loose ends, forwarding mail and making sure that we’ve booked pet-friendly hotel stay for the appropriate amount of days to give the kitties a rest. One interesting tidbit we learned upfront is that in order to ship James’ things via UHaul’s UBoxes, it is required for him to cross the border first. That means that we may not see our household items for a good month from the date that we pack it all up. It wasn’t too much of a disruption, but I did open some boxes and toss items needed earlier into the pile of things that will be in the car with us. Namely, this is due to UHaul’s requirement of having an electronic copy of photo ID that proves his residency status in the US prior to shipping his actual belongings. It makes sense, but its important to know because it informs my packing. We’ll have to provide a list of everything that is packed into the UBox (sans items that are not allowed, ie: food, spices, etc) as well as the value of the items since these are our belongings that are technically “unaccompanied” and passing through customs. It was surprisingly straightforward to fill out customs paperwork for one resident (me) and one nonresident (him).

So, along with prepping our household for the big shift, we’ve also been enjoying the remainder of the summer here in Ontario. This month we have worked in quite a bit of adventure. We visited the Toronto Zoo for an afternoon of once-in-a-lifetime experiences in early August. For my birthday this year, we attended the zoo and I happened to place a bid on a “Behind the Scenes” tour with the White Lions’ House to benefit Cheetah Awareness Week. And… I was the winning bid! So, earlier this month, we spent the afternoon hearing all about the lions, massaging and scrubbing Tony the rhino, hand-feeding the hyenas, feeding the tawny lion brothers and generally exploring the areas where the safari animals are kept. They have a strict social media policy so we weren’t allowed to take any photos, but we were so busy with the experience that it was fun to enjoy the moment fully. We did discover though that James is especially talented in the area of rhino massages. Tony the rhino laid across the floor, closed his eyes and even started snoring when James brushed his belly.

IMG_20150814_203247IMG_20150814_222315  IMG_20150814_220111We also decided to dive into the Aberfoyle Mill’s Murder Mystery dinner on one Friday. The 5-course meal features bread and hummus, soup, salad, a choice of chicken/beef/fish, and a dulce de leche cheesecake dessert. We left very, very full. The wine and beer list is long and other mixed drinks are featured as well. We hadn’t read much about the dinner beforehand, but the audience is randomly selected to participate as some of the suspects. And so it happened that I was selected as one of the murder mystery characters! It was a lot of fun. There was a large birthday party also happening. I would recommend it for anyone who likes long dinners with entertainment and I would encourage those with kids to find a sitter. The content is a mild R or on the upper end of PG-13.


So, now, we’re awaiting the arrival of the movers on Thursday afternoon. And, Saturday, we’re due to hit the road with the kitties in tow. The cross-country trip should be full of adventure with an extra day of rest here and there for the kitties, our backs and to see some friends/family. We will miss Waterloo, but we’re looking forward to diving into Seattle and experiencing the west coast.

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