My Top Picks for Adorable Anime Baby Onesie Designs

I have a confession to make: I have always and still love Japanese style anime. I was first introduced to it in middle school with the classic girl-power anime series, Sailor Moon. My friends at the time tuned into series such as Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Gundam Wing and Yu-Gi-Oh. From that point forward, my entire world was opened up to a style of entertainment ranging from silly, light-hearted fare all the way to deeply philosophical and contemplative.

It all started up again when my husband and I started watching Sword Art Online on Netflix. Since then, we have made a routine date to tune in on snowy winter weekends with our monthly subscription to Crunchyroll. We’ve since caught up on series like Fairy Tail, Log Horizon, Fate Zero, Fate Stay Night, Bleach, Naruto, Knights of Sidonia (exclusive to Netflix), Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion (movie) and The Irregular at Magic High School.

In a handful of conversations, we’ve discussed what kind of media consumption we’d like for our kids to have. We’re not fans of much of the kids’ programming we’ve seen on typical channels, but do like what some anime series have to offer in terms of promoting philosophical thinking and exploring creative routes to problem solving. To be fair to mainstream animation, we also really like the How to Train Your Dragon series, the Lego movie and Big Hero 6.

So, in the spirit of this, I scoured the Internet, or really, I scoured RedBubble to find the geekiest little baby onesies from our favorite anime series. And, I was so completely blown away by the level of thoughtful design on some of these items that I had to share. So, please enjoy my compiled list of Top 10 Adorably Geeky Anime Baby Onesie Designs:




Designer Sarah Switalski offers a fandom mash-up of Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon series with the famous Tardis from the Dr. Who series. Geeky cuteness overload. If your goal, like mine, is to fill your toddler’s early photos with easter eggs of series that they will come to know (and, of course, love) later in life, this is a must-have. I know that this one doesn’t land in the anime category, but I thought it deserved a spot here due to the crossover of fandom anyway.







This design of Luna from the Sailor Moon series inside the silhouette of her usual form of a cat is one of my favorites. If you are looking for a specific Sailor Scout, this designer, Keriilynne, offers a line of silhouettes of the scouts with similar manga art on the interior. For a sample of this style, check out her version of Sailor Pluto and Sailor Mercury.






My husband is a pretty big fan of this character and one might argue that he is the sole reason we watch Fairy Tail. Although this design by eucliffe is definitely unisex, I think it is a must-have for any little boy to have a Natsu Dragneel outfit. I can almost see it now: little man Nelson devouring orange and yellow flame-colored cotton candy and proclaiming that he is getting “fired up!”.





If you’re looking for a hybrid design that mixes the Le Petit Prince series with Bleach, look no further. Violinsane has made this effortlessly cute design for your little Soul Reaper (or “Shinigami”). This is also going to be a must-have for me if we wind up welcoming a little man into the Nelson family. Bleach and Ichigo are Saturday staples for us. If you’re interested in some other smart hybrids, check out more of this designer’s work! There is a cute design here of a Charlie Brown/Dr Who mash-up.





If you’re an art major, art lover, art enthusiast or even know basic art appreciation – look no further. Designer EdWoody combines Sailor Moon with Alphonse Mucha’s famous art nouveau style. And. It. Is. Beautiful. If you’re into Warhol-style pop art, this designer also has some Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z work you might be interested in. Bravo, EdWoody for producing one of my favorite must-haves for a little miss Nelson.




spiritedaway I think of all of the designers I’ve browsed so far, Ilona Hibernis is my favorite for designs that could be featured on both adult and children’s clothing. The designs featured throughout this portfolio are subtle and utilize negative space in a very thoughtful way. I’ve featured a onesie with the design for Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, but I encourage you to flip through the portfolio of this designer to find more from My Neighbor TotoroPokemon, and Dr. Who themes.




chocoboDesigner Kari Fry offers up just about the cutest hybrid ever for Final Fantasy Fans. I was first introduced to this fandom when my husband purchased the Final Fantasy XIII: Lightening Returns and played it all last winter. The chocobo was amongst one of the more memorable creatures of the game and how appropriate is it that this design mashes the chocobo up with the My Little Pony series? Both are completely adorable, which makes this shirt totally necessary for any little miss Nelson that we may have.




Seriously. Don’t even think about why you love this. You know you just do. How could any little anime-watching toddler be without this design? Its Ramen. Its Naruto. Its a fairly large amount of ramen being devoured by a chibi-Naruto. If chibi anime characters are what you’re looking for, designer chibicuty has a portfolio full of them – and they are adorable. Check out these from Attack on Titan, Bleach and Dragon Ball Z.





I kind of couldn’t imagine my home without this onesie. First of all, we encourage spontaneous dance parties in our home. And we absolutely love Log Horizon. Shiroe is another one of my husband’s favorite characters in anime. So, happily, this unisex design by Jordan James can be a part of our child’s closet before we even know the gender.






And finally, let’s all take a brief moment to remember the intensity, the gore, the emotion of Attack on Titan…and sub in Happy from Fairy Tail. How hilarious is this series hybrid? I mean, really. If you want more humor, Kitsuneace offers a Pocky design of the Attack on Titan characters and a funny “Mi Casa es Su Casa” play on Mikasa’s name.





So, there you have it! Those are some of my favorite anime baby onesies to add to my legacy of geekery with baby Nelson when he or she arrives. Keep in mind that if you see a design you love, but don’t like the color of the onesie featured in the image, Red Bubble offers many different onesie colors to suit your preference. If you like some of the designs you see, be sure to surf around on Red Bubble, as well. I know that I only hit the tip of the iceberg and and fortunately for future baby Nelson, new designs are posted to the site all of the time. Plus, when you go through Red Bubble, you’re using a site that purposely features independent designers and offers a variety of ways to print the designs you want. Want it on a t-shirt, pillow and coffee mug? You might just get it.


Are you interested in seeing more cutie-patootie baby clothes and general baby geekery? Be sure to check out my boards on Pinterest: Little Miss (little girls), Little Sir (little boys) and Baby Nelson (unisex). My baby boards keep everything I find on my Internet-browsing adventures with our future tiny human in mind. Its a great place to start if you need a unique baby gift or just want to muse about ideas for your own little one.

Find any favorite anime baby clothing designs of your own on Red Bubble? Share them in the comments below!

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